The City of Corcoran operates a 2.0 MGD wastewater treatment plant with an average daily flow of 1.2 - 1.5 MGD, located at the corner of Pueblo and king avenue.  The effluent from this plant is disposed on 338 acres located south of Plymouth avenue and King avenue.

In addition to the treatment plant, the wastewater system includes the wastewater distribution system, which includes 18 sewer lift stations and approximately 17.7 miles of assorted transmission lines ranging form eight inch to twenty-one inch pipe.

This division has five licensed Treatment Plant Operators.  There is always an operator on -call 24 hours a day to cover this operation.

Please note that if your sewer is plugged, before you call a plumber call the Corcoran Wastewater Division.  During normal business hours, you may call the Corcoran City Hall, the Public Works Department of after hours please call the Corcoran Police Department.  We will come out and make sure the City lines are clear first before you contact a plumber - Thank you.

Please direct all question, concerns, complaints or comments to the City of Corcoran Public Works Director Joseph Faulkner.