The Parks Division currently maintains five parks and four ponding basin.

Park Names                                 Location                 Reservations
*Please See Below:       
 Burnham Smith Park                             900 Dairy                       RAC (559)992-5171 
 Cesar Chavez Park     1500 Oregon  (559)992-2151 ext. 2201 
 Christmas Tree Park     1000 Whitley   (559)992-2151 ext. 2201
 Father Stephen Wyatt Park     900 Flory   (559)992-2151 ext. 2201
 John Maroot Park     1000 Van Dorsten   (559)992-2151 ext. 2201
Gateway Park      500 Otis Ave  (559)992-2151 ext. 2201

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Please direct all questions, concerns, complaints or comments and work orders to Public Works Director   Joseph Faulkner.                               

Please NOTE:

  • Park use will be on a first-come first-served basis.  Additionally, with the suspension of park reservations the City will not longer approve the use of bounce houses on city property. All persons using the park will do so at their own risk.
  • Any Special Event, an event open to the general public, will require advance notification (60-90 days) to the City and may require City Council approval. Please plan your event accordingly.  Questions regarding Special Events may be directed to City Hall, Attn: Public Works at 559-992-2151 extension 2201.