The Corcoran Police Activities League (P.A.L.) is an organization of Police Officers and concerned citizens working together with at-risk youth to create a positive environment aimed at reducing the incidence of juvenile delinquency.

Police Officers and community members volunteer their time to provide positive alternatives to the streets with quality activities, developing discipline, self-esteem, mutual trust and respect. 

Funds raised by P.A.L. are invested in our local youth by sponsoring and supporting sporting events and/or teams, holiday events, educational trips and scholarships to graduating high school seniors.  

In 2016, P.A.L. was able to sponsor a soccer, softball and basketball team for juveniles at the Recreation Association of Corcoran (RAC).  Additionally, P.A.L. had the opportunity to celebrate both Thanksgiving and Christmas with several local families and provided fun activities for the children to enjoy.

If you have questions about P.A.L. or would like to make a donation please contact Sergeant Gabriel Padama (559) 992-5151. 

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