The Communications Center is the heartbeat of the Police Department. Communications receives several 9-1-1 calls a day. Of those calls, approximately one quarter to one third are emergencies. In 2004 Corcoran dispatchers handled more than 22,000 calls for service and officer initiated incidents.

MDT's (Mobile Data Terminals) are installed in many police vehicles. Officers with MDT's can immediately receive reporting party, address and other pertinent information over their computers that may be confidential in nature and cannot be heard by criminals. MDT's have the capability to check vehicle registration and driver's information. Communications personnel will still have to perform inquires for officers when they are out of their vehicles.

All entries into the Department of Justice and NCIC files of stolen vehicles, property, guns, aircraft, boats, securities, snowmobiles, missing persons, restraining orders, and sex and arson registrants are done by Communications personnel.

If you have any further questions regarding our Dispatch Department, please call 559-992-5151 ext. 1251 or email our Communications/Records Manager.