Billing & Payments process the City Service invoices.  They setup and maintain customer accounts and process monthly customer payments for the services provided by the City.    These services are available in person or online.  Staff will assist the community by providing answers to questions regarding City services or directing them to the appropriate departments.

Christine Campos
Senior Account Clerk 
(559) 992-2151 Ext 2001

Michael Marquez
Account Clerk
(559)992-2151 Ext 2004

City Services
Billings for City Services include, water, sewer, refuse, and storm drain services for the City and are managed by the Finance Department.  There is a $100.00 deposit required to establish a new account.  The deposit must be paid in full before services will be started.  The deposit will be applied to your account after one year, providing the account is kept current during that time.

Items required to sign up for service
Photo ID such as a driver’s license or passport
Social Security Number, ITIN
Rental agreement from the owner or letter from power of attorney
(only the person listed on the rental agreement/letter can sign up)

If customer (or anyone listed on the rental agreement) has had an account before and left a balance or the balance was sent to collections that balance must be made in full before service can be established.
Kings credit 1-800-366-0950

*The City reserves the right to request and require proof of property ownership, power of attorney or residency documentation, such as a deed of trust/will stating power of attorney/escrow closing statement for owners, and a rental agreement/lease for tenants.

Residents can send their payments by mail or they may bring them directly to City Hall.  The City accepts cash, checks, money orders, debit card and credit card payments.  Credit card payments are online.  For your convenience you may drop your payment in our night drop slot located to the right of our front doors.  When using the night drop slot, please be sure to include your name and address or account number along with your check or money order (NO CASH PLEASE). 

A list of residential fees and service charges follows:

Utility Division Policies: