We, the employees of the City of Corcoran, Community Development Department, are proud of our city of excellence. We are well managed, innovative, and a caring Department within this outstanding City. Our values are those qualities and characteristics we appreciate, support and live by. They guide us in how we relate to each other and to those we serve. Values establish our priorities and highlight those qualities we honor the most. Our ethics, norms and vision are derived from our values and mirror this department and this City.    

Service to the community is our highest priority. We will respect the dignity and the rights of those we serve.  We are committed to mentoring, developing, training and assisting staff in accepting greater responsibility in pursuit of their career objectives.

Maintaining the trust of the community in our department is of the utmost importance. It can only be accomplished by dedication and performance. Local Government exist to serve the needs of the whole community, service should be provided in a fair, courteous and effective manner.

Kevin J. Tromborg
Community Development Director