Our Mission:

The City Council adopted City Codes specifically designed to address public nuisances and to maintain a clean environment for all citizens in our community.  The mission of the Code Enforcement Division is to promote and maintain a safe and desirable living environment in both our Commercial and Residential zone areas, while insuring that all new and existing buildings, structures, and properties are constructed and maintained according to the California title 24 Code of Regulations, California Health and Safety Code, and the Uniform Code for the Abatement of Dangerous Building. Additionally, Neighborhood Preservation, Code Enforcement monitors and enforces city zoning codes and other city codes and ordinances.

Neigborhood preservation and code enforcements primary objective is assuring the citizens of Corcoran are provided with clean, safe, well managed, aesthetically pleasing, and environmentally pleasant city to live in and raise a family. One of Code Enforcements most valuable resources in our daily efforts to ensure our objective, is our citizens. As a department we are few,but as a community we are many. We appreciate your involvement and concern for your neighborhood and community.

About Us:

The Code Enforcement Division enforces regulations related to the following common code violations:

  • Property maintenance
  • Illegal dumping of garbage on public or private property, City right-of-ways and alleys;
  • Junk and debris, such as old furniture, car parts, appliances or other visual nuisances;
  • Inoperable or abandoned vehicles on public streets and private property;
  • The illegal placement of fences, located in the front yards, street side yards, abutting alleys or other public right-of-ways;
  • Parking vehicles on unimproved surfaces.  (Unimproved surfaces can include but are not limited to: lawn, dirt, gravel and plywood);
  • Sub-standard building, vacant, dangerous and rundown structures;
  • Weed abatement;
  • Zoning code enforcement;
  • Illegal and abandoned signs; and
  • California Building Code Violations.


To report a Code Enforcement violation, you may contact Code Enforcement via phone or email as listed below by leaving your name, address, telephone number, the type of violation and the location.  (Please be advised that all information provided to the Code Enforcement Division shall remain confidential.)  Once a complaint is filed, we will visit the site and confirm that a code violation is present.  Then we may send a Notice of Violation to the property owners or issue a citation.  The owners have a set amount of time to correct the violation ranging from 3 to 30 days depending of the type of violation.  If the property owner does not comply or fails to respond, the Code Enforcement Division will issue an administrative citation depending on the situation and/or hirer a private contractor to resolve the issue and assesses the property owner for the incurred costs.

Abandoned/Boarded Property:

Links: Corcoran Municipal Code Book
 California Health and Safety Code

California Association of Code Enforcement Officers

Code Enforcement Officer:

Jimmy Roark
Code Enforcement Officer
(559) 992-2151 ext. 2101
Community Development Assistant Building Official: 

Tyler Dodson
(559) 992-2151  ext. 2102
Community Development Director/Building Official:          

Kevin J. Tromborg
(559) 992-2151 ext. 2110