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The Building Division's purpose is to promote health and safety in the construction and maintenance of buildings and structures, and the maintenance of property through the enforcement of California Title 24 Building Codes, California Uniform Housing Code, California Title 24 Energy Standards, regulations and ordinances.

Adoption of Building Code

January 1, 2019  California Building Codes

January 1, 2019 Title 24 California Energy Codes

Do I Need a Permit?
Exempt - No building permit required    

  • Cosmetic work, e.g. carpeting, painting, trim, and wall coverings
  • One story detached accessory buildings such as a shed not exceeding 120 square feet
  • Platforms, walkways, and driveways no more than 30 inches above ground, 10 feet from the curb face and not over a basement or story below.
  • Window awning project no more than 54 inches

Over the counter - 24 hour processing

  • Any electrical, plumbing and mechanical upgrades or repairs
  • Re-roofing (both overlay and tear-ff)
  • Fireplace installation
  • Portable spas
  • Encroachment permits (City sidewalks, driveway approaches, curb, and gutters) 

Fast Track - 5-10 working days

  • Garages, storage buildings, decks, carports, patio covers
  • Additions to single family dwellings
  • Minor structural repair
  • Foundation replacement/repair
  • Single family dwelling of conventional light frame construction
  • Residential Swimming pools and spas
  • Photovoltaic

Normal Processing - 4 to 6 weeks  (Commercial project make take longer than 6 weeks)

  • Major alterations, additions, and structural upgrading
  • Second story additions
  • Projects that require planning review and approval (i.e. setbacks, heights, and land use)

*Please contact us if you are unsure if your project requires a permit.     

Building Permit Schedule of Fees:

Downloadable Forms, Applications and Information 

Send permit application via email to:         
  City of Corcoran
Building Official: Kevin J. Tromborg
  Assistant Building Official: Tyler Dodson

  (559) 992-2151 ext. 2104

Requests and Status

  • Request an Inspection - Call (559) 992-2151 ext. 2104
  • Find the Status of a Permit  - Call (559) 992-2151 ext. 2102

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