Employee Compensation
For information regarding the salary of City employees and Council please follow the following link http://www.sco.ca.gov/compensation_search.html.

Compensation and Benefit Plan FY 2023-2024

The City of Corcoran offers Medical, Dental, Vision, and Life insurance benefits to its employees and employee dependents. 

The City of Corcoran participates in the Public Employees Retirement System.  Safety employees are at 3 % at 55 and all other employees are at 2 % at 55. 

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)  
EAP is a confidential service designed to help employees and their household members resolve personal and workplace challenges including but not limited to:

  • Depression
  • Alcohol/Drug Abuse
  • Marriage/Family Issues
  • Financial/Legal Problems

For additional information regarding employee benefits you may contact Marlene Spain.